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This fun and comprehensive workshop will help you learn about what it takes to become a children’s books illustrator. We will start off with a script or story theme and help you step by step to develop a unique and fun portfolio that will hopefully launch your career or enhance it. We will be walking you through children’s books anatomy, technical skills, storyboarding, color, layout, and many more. 

Children's Book Illustration

08/01/21 - 09/19/21



Time: Riyadh 7pm & Pacific 9am

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Language: English & Arabic


Art community

Length: 8 week

Available on Phone

Level: Intermediate

Additional handouts



It is essential for you to find great benefits in this experience and to learn more about the craft of illustrating for children's books and most importantly to learn how to illustrate a story into your illustration within your own style. 

  • The general understanding of children's books.

  • Basic structure and techniques of illustrating for children's books.

  • Color studies and presentation of illustrating for children's books.

  • A load of resources and information to help in future work.


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Is this class for me?
If you are looking to get into children’s book or refresh your portfolio to include children’s book illustrations, then you are in the right place! This class is a mix of information and a friendly art community to help you enhance your portfolio.

Tell me more about meetings and communication?

For this class we meet once a week on zoom. And we communicate daily using SLACK. We have a great response turnaround time with a dedicated team to help support you.

If I couldn’t make it to the live session does that mean I miss class?

Nope! You will always find the class recording in a secure link on the RAD website. The links for all the lectures will be available for you for 10 weeks total.

Where do I submit weekly assignments?

On Slack. Our team will provide you with lots of support and direction.

What other benefits would this class provide me?

  • A diverse creative community and support.

  • An organized and highly efficient learning system.

  • Loads of handouts to keep.

  • RAD portfolio pieces to show off to clients. 

  • A better understanding of Children's book.

What tools do I need to have to complete my projects?

We are open and flexible with the choice of software and tools you can use to produce your art. As long as you submit and fulfill the requirements.

Mandatory tools?

Mark making tools for example pencils and pens. 

Paper and sketchbooks are really important to archive most of your progress in this workshop and painting tools as for color. It really depends on what you like.


RAD Team

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Layal Idriss

Teacher Assistant

Ge Park

Arabic Assistant

Ilham Alamoudi

Studio Assistant

Diana Yousef



"Thank you very much!

I loved the workshop & I enjoyed every single week of it. It opened my eyes for a hidden passion in me which is creating picture books storytelling."

- Zaaz 

"Thank you to the teams for your words, and all your support and hard work to create this workshop. It is much needed in our community. There are so many great talents that need basic knowledge about illustration and creating books and most of all professionalism"

-Malak Hariri 

"Thank you for your works, teaching, explanation, and your honest critique also  every workshop I attended with you I learned something new."


Join us & let your artistic journey begin!

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