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Future RAD Artist Submission Form

Submission status: currently CLOSED

We are looking to house a diverse group of artists that are eager to tell stories and are professional when it comes to dealing with clients and completing projects. Please submit the future RAD Artist submission form and a portfolio as instructed in the following below.


Portfolio Criteria: 

  • A paragraph consisting of at least 5-6 sentences of your artist bio telling the world who you are as an artist. 

  • A portfolio in an A4 format with your name clearly on each page as a single PDF format.

  • A resume ready to help the team to get to know you better. 

  • Show a range of skill sets in a specific area that you are confident in, for example, if you are good at food illustration show that. 

  • Check out our artists on the RAD artists page and make sure your art is not too close in style to any of the current artists.

Portfolio Submission:

Please submit your portfolio to RadishHouseAgency@gmail.com via We Transfer

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Please feel free to email us at RadishHouseAgency@gmail.com,if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!