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RAD Internship 

Submission status: CLOSED

We are super proud of our internship program at Radish House and are happy to continue supporting young artists to grow and become amazing professional artists. 

We are an international-based agency that accepts interns from all over the world. In the past years, we had interns helping us build and flourish our house. In return we offered them support and fun perks that will help them reach their goals.

Please always check this page to make sure you have what it takes to be a RAD intern!

Strong Candidate


Radish House Agency is looking for an illustrator or designer intern to help grow and flourish the look and the feel of the agency. We are looking for someone who has excellent communication skills, intermediate knowledge in Adobe suite for design and illustration purposes, and an eager enthusiasm to work with a team of creatives. 




Work Remotely: Yes
COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Remote interview process

  • Virtual meetings via Zoom


1 year experience on Adobe suite such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign (Preferred) Procreate and or digital painting software. 


3-month unpaid commitment with the opportunity to extend.


3 positions open.


Application date: 1/15/22 - 2/23/22

Internship Duration: 03/01/22 - 05/31/22


  • Pitch and provide unique, fun, and educational Instagram/Twitter contents to the Radish House creative team.

  • Create, edit, and share content/assets that fit the brand of Radish House Agency and RAD learning platform that builds meaningful connections with the audience.

  • Research and study the current trend of illustrations and designs. 

  • Work on a personal portfolio with our team guiding you to achieve professional quality work

Strong candidate:

  • A person who can work as part of a team and still can achieve if given solo tasks.

  • Be able to communicate in a timely manner. 

  • Speak and write fluently in English being bilingual is an added positive. 

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment, able to adapt to evolving circumstances as needed. 

  • Demonstrate good knowledge and skills in Adobe suite especially Photoshop and Illustrator. As well as digital painting apps like procreate. 

  • Have a good understanding of basic design and art.

  • A positive and friendly attitude with good multitasking and organizational skills.

Perks of the internship:

  • A great learning environment with a team of highly motivated and creative individuals. 

  • Access to our online classes for FREE during the internship. 

  • Mentorship with our creative team. 

  • An opportunity to grow your soft skills and to understand the creative work environment. 

  • Build a unique and creative professional portfolio.

  • College credit.

Application Requirements: 

  • Resume

  • Cover letter 

  • Your public social media or website (if available) or a portfolio of your best work as a PDF

Application Criteria: 

  • A resume ready to help the team to get to know you better with your public social media link. 

  • Cover letter that allows us to know more about you, your current achievements, and your short term goals.

  • A portfolio in an A4 format with your name clearly on each page as a single PDF format. 

  • Show a range of skill sets in a specific area that you are confident in. ex) vector art, typography, etc


Please submit your application to radteam19@gmail.com via We Transfer

Most frequently asked questions:

  • What would the work hour be like while in the RAD internship? 

We don’t have a set time to work every day. The internship is mainly driven by tasks and deadlines. Therefore, the RAD interns would need to wisely work on their time and schedule to fulfill the task within the deadline. 

  • How does the virtual internship work? 

RAD internship is a virtual internship where we meet 100% online. We work mainly via Zoom to virtually meet and execute tasks via email and Slack.

  • What are the benefits of this type of internship?

    • You will come out of this internship with a better level of understanding of a creative business and how an agency functions. 

    • You also will have created a body of work to add to your portfolio.

    • You will get a class pass to attend classes that will improve your skills and enrich your portfolio. 

    • Meet other like-minded artists who are working on their skillset and goals. 

    • Being surrounded by artists from all over the world. 

  • Would I be able to add the work I created in this internship in my portfolio?

Yes, Our goal is to help you supplement and enhance your portfolio. 

  • Can I extend my internship? 

We do not offer extensions you will have to reapply to join the following round. 

  • It was mentioned that college credit applies. How do I obtain college credit?

You will need to check the school process and guidelines and discuss that with your supervisor. We give our interns regular reviews and track their progress to help when applying for school credit. 

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Please feel free to email us at radteam19@gmail.com, if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!