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CD Workshop

Portfolio Illustration

If you are looking to build a great Illustration portfolio then this course is for you! In this 12 weeks course you will get the benefit of working with a professional team of illustrators to create illustrations covering editorial illustration, children's book illustration, surface design, and much more. Take a serious step towards your dream of becoming a freelance and professional illustrator!

Time: 1PM (GMT+3)

Date: 8/15/22 

Price: $300

  • English, Arabic

  • 12 week

  • Intermediate level

  • Fully online

  • Friendly community

  • Additional handouts

  • Streaming access on desktop and mobile browsers

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee




It is essential to work on building a strong portfolio and learn more about the market you plan to work in!

  • A better understanding of the field of illustration and all the jobs you can work on.

  • Substantial growth in technical abilities in each project.

  • Presentation skills and portfolio setup.

  • A community of like-minded illustrators to network with and some great guest speakers to share their experience and love of illustration.

  • Plenty of resources to help you after class.





Is this class for me?

This class is for Illustrators that are looking to build a professional portfolio to share with clients and receive work in different areas of illustration.

Tell me more about meetings and communication?

For this class we meet once a week on RAD Learning Program and we communicate daily using  Google Meet. We have a great response turnaround time with a dedicated team to help support you.

If I couldn’t make it to the live session does that mean I miss class?

You will always find the class recording in a secure link on the RAD website. The links for all the lectures will be available for you for 12 weeks total.

Where do I submit weekly assignments?

On RAD Learning Program . Our team will provide you with lots of support and direction.

What other benefits would this class provide me?

  • A diverse creative community and support.

  • An organized and highly efficient learning system.

  • Loads of handouts to keep.

  • RAD portfolio pieces to show off to clients. 

  • A better understanding of portfolio Illustration.

What tools do I need to have to complete my projects?

We are open and flexible with the choice of software and tools you can use to produce your art. As long as you submit and fulfill the requirements.

Mandatory tools?

Mark making tools for example pencils and pens. 

Paper and sketchbooks are really important to archive most of your progress in this workshop and painting tools as for color. It really depends on what you like.

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Join us & let your artistic journey begin with us!

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