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CD Workshop

Children’s Book Writing

This course is for anyone with a story for children waiting to be told! You will learn how to develop an idea into a fully-fleshed out children’s book. You will get an overview of children’s literature, the basics of storytelling for children, and the editing process. Most importantly, you will learn how to write a story step by step and get an introduction to different options for publishing.

Time: 11AM (GMT+3)

Date: 01/06/24 

Price: $200


It is essential for you to find great benefits in this experience and learn more about the craft of writing children's books, and most importantly, learn how to write a story you are proud of.

  • Introduction to children's books.

  • Finding inspiration for a story and developing it into a manuscript for a children's book.

  • Creating memorable characters.

  • Understanding storytelling basics.

  • Understanding the role of illustrations in children's books.

  • Editing and refining your manuscript. 

  • Exploring different publication options.


Is this class for me?

This class is for everyone interested in writing a children’s book and those interested in children’s literature in general. 

Tell me more about meetings and communication?

For this class, we meet once every two weeks on RAD Learning Program and communicate daily using Google Meet. We have an excellent response turnaround time with a dedicated team to help support you.

If I couldn’t make it to the live session does that mean I miss class?

Nope! You will always find the class recording in a secure link on the RAD website. The links for all the lectures will be available for you for 10 weeks total.

Where do I submit weekly assignments?

On RAD Learning Program. Our team will provide you with lots of support and direction.

What other benefits would this class provide me?

  • A diverse creative community and support.

  • An organized and highly efficient learning system.

  • Loads of handouts to keep.

  • A manuscript for a children’s book.

  • A better understanding of children’s books.


What tools do I need to have to complete my projects?

Your preferred writing tools.

Mandatory tools?

Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

  • English, Arabic

  • 10 weeks

  • Class meets once per 2 weeks

  • Beginner level

  • Fully online

  • Friendly community

  • Additional handouts

  • Streaming access on desktop and mobile browsers

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee




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Join us & let your artistic journey begin with us!

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