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CD Workshop

3D Character Design

This workshop is designed to help you transform  your 2D character drawings into 3D paper mache sculptures which you can then use in various forms of visual communication and storytelling such as illustration and stop motion. Through this course, you will learn new skills and experiment with new art techniques. The class is broken down into fun simple steps that will ignite your creativity and you will walk away with your own unique handmade sculpture. 

Time: 8PM (GMT+3)

Date: May 1st 2024

Price: $230

  • English, Arabic

  • 6 weeks

  • Class meets once a week

  • Beginner level

  • Fully online

  • Friendly community

  • Additional handouts

  • Streaming access on desktop and mobile browsers

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee





It is essential for you to find great benefits in this experience and to learn more about the craft of 3D character design. Most importantly to learn how to illustrate characters within your own style and make them 3 dimensional. At the end of the class duration students will be able to: 

  • Understand the basic techniques of 3D character design.

  • Illustrate a unique character of your liking

  • Transform a 2D design into 3D sculpture.

  • Paint in Acrylics.

  • Understand picture frame and composition. 

  • Create a 3D illustration. 


Is this class for me?

This class is for motivated artists who are eager to learn the foundation of 3D character design, and to get a solid start on building their portfolio in creating characters for storytellers.

Tell me more about meetings and communication?

For this class we meet once a week on RAD Learning Program and we communicate daily using  Google Meet. We have a great response turnaround time with a dedicated team to help support you.

If I couldn’t make it to the live session does that mean I miss class?

Nope! You will always find the class recording in a secure link on the RAD website. The links for all the lectures will be available for you for 20 weeks total.

Where do I submit weekly assignments?

On RAD Learning Program . Our team will provide you with lots of support and direction.

What other benefits would this class provide me?

  • A diverse creative community and support.

  • An organized and highly efficient learning system.

  • Loads of handouts to keep.

  • RAD portfolio pieces to show off to clients. 

  • A better understanding of 3D character design.

Do I need to have previous experience in 3D character design?

No, you don’t. The class is broken down into simple steps and designed for all skills and backgrounds. Everyone will gain something new from the class. 

Do I need to know how to draw?

No you don’t. We will take you throughout each step of the way. We will start off by talking about the basic steps to figure drawing and then how to translate that into making a paper mache sculpture. 

Mandatory tools?

Some of these tools below are things we already own at home and some of them we would need to purchase. For things you would need to purchase, there aren't any particular brand we recommend. All of them works. We would recommend finding the most affordable ones.

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Join us & let your artistic journey begin with us!

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