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About Radish House

Radish House Agency is a boutique creative agency that offers a variety of services. 
Our team of creatives consists of art directors, designers, and amazing artists. 

We bring the client’s vision to life from books, animation, products, and other

creative contents. 

Our RAD team is diverse in both culture and art styles and we represent artist internationally.


Global vision · Mentorship · Education · A sense of art community ·

An opportunity to grow professionally as an artist.


Editorial · Children's Books · Portraits · Licensing · Book Covers


The best way to spread the love of art is through art education.

Now you can learn and grow with our team of RAD Artists.


Book design · Branding · Product design · Social media campaign ·

Character Design · Motion Graphics


Creating amazing illustrations and giving it life with animations and motion graphics and sound effects.


Taking your ideas to the next level.

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How It Works

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Our management team will receive your inquiry and evaluate the request.

Receiving Inquires

Creative process

Final Product


Once an agreement has been reached, we put together a super team of creatives to work on your project and the art director will set up the standards and workflow of the project.

Assembling creative teams

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We start with the brainstorming phase followed by sketching and designing the pages and text layout along with the color coordination.

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In this final phase, we provide the client with the printable open file and we start the

post-production process.


The management will evaluate the inquires and prepare a suitable proposal.

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Evaluating inquiries


Meet Our Team


Success Partners